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HEM Saw Compatible Band Tension, Vise and Table Parts

Most saw operators have gotten frustrated by metal coolant hoses that never would stay where they were aimed and plastic hoses with metal positioning rods that broke, Hem Saw  uses modular hose that is flexible, strong  and delivers the coolant where you need it. This coolant line has become the standard for low pressure coolant delivery on all makes of Hem Saws
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Replacement HEM Saw Band Tension Parts

Product Our Price   Quantity
P HEM B-8927-0-2 - Click for larger image (Opens Pop-up Window) P HEM B-8927-0-2
Tension Nut (1200)
Tension Nut (1200)* Blade Tension Nut Mounts on Idlewheel Side- Allows Idlewheel to Tension Sawblade
P HEM P-7086-69 - Click for larger image (Opens Pop-up Window) P HEM P-7086-69
Thrust Bearing
P HEM P-7086-69. This Thrust Bearing is used on Hem Blade Tension Assemblies
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Replacement HEM Saw Base Table Parts

Product Our Price   Quantity
P HEM A-9600-6-2 - Click for larger image (Opens Pop-up Window) P HEM A-9600-6-2
Cutting Block
Cutting Block* Cutting Wear Plate
P HEM B-9597-45 - Click for larger image (Opens Pop-up Window) P HEM B-9597-45
Cut Plate For Sidewinder
Cut Plate for Sidewinder* Cutting Wear Plate for Sidewinder Model
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